Thrilled to announce my directorial debut WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE, a short film I also co-wrote and co-star in, was accepted into the BLACK MARIA FILM FESTIVAL and awarded DIRECTOR'S CHOICE! A comedy thriller about gentrification in Los Angeles, you can check out the Trailer here.


Watch my new web series BEAUTY'S ALWAYS BEEN A BITCH. The radiant lovechild of two of the most popular genres on YouTube: beauty vlogs and comedy, each episode features a savvy beauty vlogger from a bygone era showing you how to DIY the latest beauty craze. From “crocodile dung face masks” in Ancient Greece to turn of the century “arsenic complexion wafers,” this show covers everything from the totally weird to the downright dangerous. Subscribe! Because unattainable and excruciatingly painful beauty standards are timeless.