Fun Fact: one sketch got me five minutes of local news celebrity when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti praised one of my videos on twitter. (Click here if you want to see a weatherman break down over it at 1:30, otherwise known as my lifetime achievement.)

WARNING: the bio below is in first person.

The girl to the left there is me. Well, not my regular "I'm buying ankle socks at CVS" me (did you know CVS has great socks?) But the me that's like, "Oh hey, I'm casually wearing a cool outfit in perfect lighting trying to make my hands on my waist not look weird " - but you know, you get it.

Originally a classically trained actor with grandiose dreams of one day murdering some Off-Broadway Moliere, I first received a B.A. in Theater from Amherst College. But after studying comedy at UCB and I.O. West, I started creating my own work and never looked back.  Always driven to create content that’s both funny and socially relevant, last year I directed, co-wrote and starred in my first short film We Know Where You Live, a comedy thriller about gentrification in LA. It was a NBCU SHORT FILM FESTIVAL FINALIST and played at five Oscar Qualifying Film Festivals.

Before that my feminist and socio-political sketches were featured five times in Huffington Post, twice in Bustle, along with US Magazine, the A.V. Club, The Nerdist, LA Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Pop Sugar, Cosmopolitan, and more.

On screen, I've appeared in commercials and Master of None. On stage, I performed and coached sketch comedy for five years at I.O West (RIP). And on the computer, I wrote an AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL FINALIST TV spec and am a DISNEY | ABC WRITING PROGRAM SEMIFINALIST and CINESTORY FINALIST. Currently I’m developing my short into a feature.

Lastly, yes the H is silent. See you at CVS!